Water Borne Pigment Dispersion/Emulsions

PARTINT® – Water Borne Pigment Dispersion

Water Borne Pigment Dispersion/Emulsions


Pigment Preparations for Decorative Paints/Paper/Wood finish

The main application of ParTint* are aqueous base decorative emulsion paints and plaster/rendering based on aqueous polymer dispersion.They can be incorporated into aqueous wood stains, acrylic, polyester casting system, latex and water resistant inks.They can also be incorporated with other binding systems e.g Aqueous industrial paints.It is recommended to check the maximum Dosage and compatibility of ParTint* in your paint system.

Key Attributes
  • Consistant shade – Tolerance Limit △E < 1
  • Consistent colour strength – Tolerance Limit + 5%
  • Comparable with wide range of resin / binder.
  • Flocculation resistant to avoid colour variance
  • Non-settling
  • Do not dry out
  • Controlled and consistency viscosity
  • Excellent storage stability
Storage and Handling

Shelf life of the products is 12-14 months subject to stored in closed packing at room temperature. It is advisable to shake/stir before use.

Partint Yellow 8074

Pigment Yellow 74

Partint Yellow 8097

Pigment Yellow 97

Partint Yellow 8154

Pigment Yellow 154

Partint Yellow 8074G

Pigment Yellow 74

Partint Yellow 8001

Pigment Yellow 1

Partint Yellow 8083

Pigment Yellow 83

Partint Orange 8005

Pigment Orange 5

Partint Orange 8168

Pigment Orange 168

Partint Orange 8254

Pigment Orange 254

Partint Red 8188

Pigment Red 188

Partint Red 8112E

Pigment Red 112

Partint Violet 8019

Pigment Violet 19

Partint Red 8122

Pigment Red 122

Partint Red 8122R

Pigment Red 122

Partint Red 8123

Pigment Violet 23

Partint Blue 8151

Pigment Blue 51:1

Partint Blue 8153

Pigment Blue 15:3

Partint Green 8007

Pigment Green 7

Partint Black 8007B

Pigment Black 7

Partint Yellow 8003RE

Pigment Yellow 3

Partint Yellow 8074SW

Pigment Yellow 74

Partint Yellow 8094

Pigment Yellow 97

Partint Yellow 8083Y

Pigment Yellow 83

Partint Orange 8073

Pigment Orange 73

Partint Orange 8036

Pigment Orange 36

Partint Orange 8168

Pigment Red 168

Partint Red 8112Y

Pigment Red 254